Tuesday, May 18, 2010

QT with Sweet C

Taking time to spend with my kids is really important to me. In this season of my life, it's really easy to get caught up in "what's next?" and "are we there yet?" My focus is usually more on what's ahead instead of what's right in front of me. To keep from getting swept into the future, I carve out special "hang out" time with each of my kids right here in the present. We do this as a family (a.k.a "Stark Family Funn Nite!"), but I also do my best to take time with my lil' ones individually. I find that this is when I really get to know them, what's on their mind, and how they perceive the world.
Today I got the opportunity to spend some quality time with my Sweet Caroline. Being the youngest of three, she kinda gets tossed in the chaos and just hangs on for the ride. She's easy going, smart, and so unbelievably funny!
We spent some time swinging, playing tennis, feeding the ducks, hiking, and swinging some more. She is such a precious gift; a surprise to David and me, but a HUGE blessing none the less. I look at her and I cannot imagine life without her. God has big plans for this sweet girl, and I am so thrilled to be a part of it.

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