Monday, October 12, 2009

P90X--Week Two...

So, we're working chest and back today. Yay. (Do you sense excitement in my "voice?" Well, don't. You've misunderstood.)
I am excited, however, that I've reached Week Two!! That alone is worth the feeling of achievement! Here's what I don't understand yet: how come certain days are focused on targeted muscle groups (for instance 'Monday-Chest and Back') and yet I still ache EVERYWHERE after the workout? That's not very fair. Am I that out of shape? I don't feel that out of shape. Maybe that's why this program is so's HONEST! We've gotten used to all these "watered-down" versions of what a real workout is. (How about Jillian's "20 Minute Shred" or the infamous "8 Minute Abs" only to be followed three short months later by the "*New and Improved* 7 Minute Abs") Let's face sure takes longer than 8 minutes to put the weight on and for the muscle to turn to fat. So why do we expect an easy fix? Well, because we're lazy, but we'll expand on that on a different day.

Well, I'm off to work my chest and back (and biceps and triceps and shoulders and abs). Getting more excited by the minute! This time I really mean it. Really.

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